Flexible Molding Foam

Flexible Expandable Molding Foam

Our Flexible Foams are a rapid cure elastomeric open cell polyurethane foam which forms a tough abrasion resistant rubber part when fully cured. The parts produce an outer “Self Skinning” or” Integral Skin” as they expand against the wall of a closed mold cavity: may be used without any further processing. A few of the common uses include Pipeline Pigs or Swabs, for cleanout and pipeline rehabilitation, seating in the automotive industry, and molding soft play items for play areas and theming for the movie industry. We offer 12 standard color and florescent color options for your specific needs. Our Urethane flex foams are easy to use and include easy to understand instructions for prep and installation.

Applications and Uses

  • Pipeline Pigs or Swabs
  • Cleanout and pipeline rehabilitation
  • Automotive Seating Industry
  • Molding soft play items for play areas
  • Theming for the movie industry

Specific Applications

Expandable Molding Foam

FX Foam (Flexible Foam) is an elastomeric polyurethane that when fully cured forms a tough abrasion resistant rubber foam. Parts made with this product have an integral rubber skin with an excellent cosmetic finish requiring almost no further processing. FX Foams are available in densities ranging from 6 lbs. to 26 lbs. per cubic foot. FX Foams are excellent for cosplay designers as well as prop makers.

Product Features:
  • 1:1 by Volume mixing ratio for easy processing
  • Excellent physical properties of the cured polymer
  • Rapid Cure to enhance molding cycle times
  • Forms a tough abrasion resistant rubber part
  • Compressible and lightweight
Product Uses:
  • Movie Theming
  • Cosplay / Prop Making
  • Custom-fitting Impact Cushioning
  • Soft Play Areas and Waterparks

Technical Data and Comparison

Flexible Foams: Product Comparison

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Product Expansion Chart

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