Industries Serviced


Speedliner products have been used for over 20 years in the application of truck bed liners. Since our chemist created this product, we have developed different variations of this product to improve its chemical resistance to grease, oil, alkali, chlorine, and various other chemicals and to lend itself to many other applications.

Speedliner is very popular in with the medical transportation industry where it is necessary to water blast with chemicals for blood and other human excretions. We have improved the strength with additives such as Kevlar, skid protection using rubber crumb and grit, yet kept the flexibility and abrasion resistance our customers have come to expect when using this product in regular bed liners to heavy industrial equipment or other applications. We have a fire retardant version for special applications, with special primers developed so Speedliner can be used over prepared metals, fiberglass, and wood.


We were approached by our rope coating customers to develop a coating for military use, which is now the main spec for military rope coating contracts known as Fiberlock. The Fiberlock extends the life, locks out dirt and sand and provides more slip, and provides and color coat for the rope.

**Fiberlock complies with United States Military Specifications.

We also were asked to develop military helicopter lifting slings; our chemist formulated TrueKote CS 252 for the neck mold, a high strength flexible molding product and Purecast 603 for the eye, a high strength abrasion resistant coating.

Our Speedliner was directly on the production line when the military manufacture needed an economical, quick way to coat an entire ATV before it was sent into conflict. Speedliner was used to coat hundreds of vehicles to protect from the abrasive sands and elements encountered all over the world.


Our Truekote products are used in a number of variations in many applications they have proven again and again to be one of our most versatile products. It is resilient in wet environments and shows a good resistance to chemicals. All the while being extremely durable over flexible foams, synthetic nylon rope, composite line buoys, bumpers, and fenders.
**Our top chemist created this product over 30 years ago and it is still one of our most used coatings.

We have recently developed Florescent pigments, to be used with our easy to apply Fiberlock and Topcoats. This will make substrate or any marine product UV stable, salt water resistant, abrasion resistant, low maintenance, and long lasting.

Fluorescent pigments result in high daytime visibility. Both products are available in a variety of colors.

These special polymers are excellent for marine markers, safety markers or buoys; any application where nighttime visibility is necessary or where daytime visibility is necessary. When used with our Topcoats over soft foams it will add another dimension of protection and UV stability to the project.

Safety Industry

Currently, our products are in use or development for the following applications:

  • Safety Pads
  • Soft Play areas
  • Helicopter landing pads
  • Heavy equipment surfaces
  • Non-skid applications
  • Metal coating
  • Safety markers and bumpers
  • Reflective markers Marine and Industrial
  • Heated mats for icy areas
  • Lighted surfaces for night visibility

Oil Field

TrueKote is used in a variety of applications in the oil field industry for abrasion resistance, non-slip safety surfaces, and impact control
Speedliner is an abrasion resistant coating protecting vital metal and surfaces from the elements, oils, and salt water while remaining UV Stable. Excellent metal coating to resist the elements and impacts.

Industrial Polymers, Inc. has successfully serviced the Oil Industry for over 30 years.


Speedliner is used all over the world for is versatility in the industrial and manufacturing industry. Speedliner coating is used in areas where is it necessary to water blast with chemicals to clean or to protect from damaging impact. Speedliner is available in the SL pigments colors.

Uraseal performs exceptionally well in horizontal joint repairs or on spalled edges where excellent quick curing adhesion and weather resistance is required.

Uraseal has long been used to repair airport runways, highways, bridges, plazas and concrete floors.
Our chemist custom formulated this product for use in airport runway repairs over 25 years ago; our customer needed a product with a fast cure, resistant to jet fuel and most hydraulic oils and was weather resistant. They also, needed a product with an easy application by hand or applicator spray gun, so existing personnel could use it. Uraseal is stilled used by the airport systems and many other applications for industry.


One of our most popular products in the water park industry is our Speedliner series of products. Speedliner EPIC is extremely tough and tear resistant.

Truecast series is also very important when making flexible molds for the Soft Play areas as is the Protocast for use with rigid molding.

Designers use EPS foams for sculptures or 3-dimensional signs and displays they usually need a hard coating with a smooth sandable, paintable surface such as Styrospray. It can be applied by brush on methods or sprayed directly and it has an unlimited work life when stored properly.

If the design is over flexible closed cell EVA foams the go-to product is TrueKote with TopCoats for added UV stability and impact protection and a smooth finish.

When used with our high-performance Primers the life of the project will be greatly increased due to the excellent adhesion to the substrate.

Most of the above products are used with the SL Pigments available in many difference standard colors.

Movie Industry

Industrial Polymers has worked with a number of the major Hollywood Movie studios for the construction of large production movie sets. The Styrospray used over EPS foams to create building facades, props, or anything necessary to create the illusion. The Speedsets and Uragels are used to create the flexible coatings for the architectural surfaces and finish for either rigid or flexible skins are desired. They can create a smooth glass finish or a rough stone like texture with our products.