Fiberlock Series

Military Rope Coatings

This series offers a desirable balance of chemical resistance, film and thermo-plasticity. Out -standing as a marine maintenance coating, rope coating, buoy coating; offering superior protection to abrasion and weather conditions. Works on a variety of rope products and nettings any substrate where protection and retention and enhancement of physical properties are desired. In low temperatures it retains good flexibility and ages well in heat and humidity. Fiberlock will Increase the life and wear resistance of synthetic rope and nylon nettings. This product is available in a variety of colors. Apply using the dip and dry method. Hardness 65-75 Shore A.


This product features:

  • U.V. stability
  • Saltwater resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Longevity

Applications and Uses

  • Marine maintenance coating
  • Rope coating
  • Buoy coating

Specific Applications

Safety Rope and Netting Coating

FiberLock 100 is a low build vinyl based dip coating used to color coat rope, fabric and netting. It provides color and consolidates fibers improving slip. FiberLock 100 penetrates deep within fibers and air dries. We offer a selection of 19 colors; customers may order this product clear and add colors as needed or pre-colored. FiberLock 100 is a US military specification product used in the manufacture of helicopter lifting slings. FiberLock is compatible with most synthetic or natural fiber rope, fabric and netting. FiberLock 100 contains solvent and is classified as a flammable material for shipping purposes.

Product Features:
  • Good toughness and abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility.
  • Good aging qualities to heat, humidity and many other environments along with very good dynamic properties.
  • 65-75 Shore A Hardness
Product Uses:
  • Helicopter lifting slings
  • U.S. military specifications products
  • Outstanding marine maintenance coatings with superior abrasion and weather ability can be achieved on a variety of rope substrates

Technical Data and Comparison

Fiberlock Series

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