TrueCast Series

General Purpose Molding & Casting Rubber

TrueCast products are available in a wide range of hardesses (Shore A), from very soft for high elongation to abrasion resistant rubber to suit almost any molding needs.

Please see our TrueCast XL & PureCast series for extremely high preformation applications.

Rubber Molds offers a convenient low-cost method for creating:

  • Cast concrete, plaster and plastic parts
  • Rubber parts (wheels, bumpers, and seals)
  • Reproduction of architectural stone
  • Impact resistant materials
  • Wear resistance materials

Applications and Uses

  • Impact absorbing pads and parts
  • Flexible Parts for sub Zero applications
  • Subsea seals and parts for fresh and saltwater environments
  • Reproduction of fine art sculptures
  • Rollers and transfer pads for metal working
  • Sandcasting molds for Foundries
  • Water stop plugs and pads
  • Prosthetics repairs and fabrications
  • Theater and stage props / Cosplay
  • Electrical / Hydrophone Encapsulation

Specific Applications

Flexible Molding & Casting Materials

Very soft flexible rubber with excellent elongation to release deeply undercut parts or producing soft pliable parts.

Best Products For Flexible Molding & Casting Materials

TrueCast 00 & TrueCast 10

  • Molds for casting concrete or plaster parts
  • Sound damping
  • Impact absorbing pads
  • Soft rubber parts

Semi Flexible Molding & Casting Materials

Higher physical properties, most common choice for concrete/plaster molds with excellent flexibility combined durability. Also used for manufacturing rubber parts.

Best Products For Semi Flexible Molding & Casting Materials

TrueCast 20 & TrueCast 30

  • Mold for casting of concrete and plaster parts
  • Durable rubber parts
  • Electrical encapsulations and potting

Architectural Molding & Casting Materials

High strenth, low durometer for creating excellent detail replication in architectural molding applications.

Best Products For Architectural Molding & Casting Materials

TrueCast 40

  • Insensitive to typical environmental moisture
  • Low Viscosity
  • High strength and low durometer
  • Low residual surface tack
  • Tough, with high tear strength
  • Good grease and oil resistance
  • Good flow into fine detail
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Good adhesion between pours

Impact Resistant and Wear Resistance Molding and Casting Materials

Excellent physical properties, used for creating parts and molds requiring resistance to wear and impact. Also used as a coating for closed cell flexible foam with TopCoat #9 for enhanced UV resistance.

Best Products For Wear & Impact Resistant Molding & Casting Materials

TrueCast 55 & TrueCast 65

  • Mold for concrete and plaster with enhanced durability and wear resistance
  • Durable rubber parts
  • Electrical encapsulations and potting
  • Flexible coating for flexible closed cell foam

Concrete Casting & Molding

These products are mainly used to create durable rubber parts. They are offered in “fast” and “slow” set formulations to accommodate working times..

Best Products For Concrete Casting & Molding

TrueCast 70, TrueCast 85F, & TrueCast 90

  • Durable rubber parts that require wear resistance
  • Electrical encapsulations and potting

High-Performance Casting & Molding Rubber Parts

The TrueCast XL products are a line of liquid polyurethane resins that are specifically formulated to create extremely durable, high strength rubber parts. The TrueCast XL Series is processed at room temperature conditions (72 F). Parts cure to full strength without the need for post-curing ovens. In addition, these polymers are formulated with low viscosities and convenient mix ratios by volume for easy machine dispensing or hand mixing.

Best Products for High-Performance Casting & Molding Rubber Parts

TrueCast XL 5500, TrueCast XL 7500, TrueCast XL 8500, TrueCast XL 9500, & TrueCast XL 650-D

TrueCast XL products are available in a wide range of Shore harnesses, from 55 A to 65 D.
  • Rubber parts (wheels, bumpers, seals, pads, and rollers)
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • High elongation
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Hydrolysis resistant (salt and fresh water)

Technical Data and Comparison

TrueCast Series: Product Comparison

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