StyroSpray Series

Rigid Hard Coating

This two-component rigid coating is 100% solids recommended for Styrofoam™, EPS foam, fabrication of signs, decorative themeing, visual displays and concrete molds cut from EPS foam. Styrospray eliminates the need for expensive high-pressure spray equipment. When fully cured the surface may be sanded or machined. Can be used in place of fiberglass in some applications and painted with either water or solvent based paints. This product is used to create a smooth surface on carved or wire cut foam and to enhance the strength and durability of finished parts.

We recommend this product be used with our StyroPrime to obtain a strong bond to the surface you are coating. Styrospray can be brushed, rolled or sprayed through a Hopper Gun. The work life of StyroSpray 1000 is 2-3 days after mixed if stored in an air tight container while. Styrospray contains no VOC’s will not damage paint or foam surfaces.

This product features:

  • Abrasion & Impact Resistance
  • Enhances the strength and durability of finished parts
  • Contains no VOC’s
  • 65-75 Shore D Hardness
  • Waterproofing

Applications and Uses

  • Plastic hard coating for carved EPS foam
  • Styrofoam coating
  • Fabrication of signs
  • Decorative theming
  • Visual displays
  • Concrete molds cut from EPS foam
  • Prop design

Specific Applications

Hard Coating for EPS Foam, Waterproofing Outdoor Signs & Displays, and Coating Concrete Molds

StyroSpray 1000 is an easily applied hardcoat for EPS foam that greatly enhances the durability of cut architectural shapes and designs for indoor and outdoor applications. It can also be used to harden fabric surfaces and seal Paper Mache structures. Its unique formulation allows for long working life

StyroSpray greatly improves the durability and handling of cut foam parts and painting with automotive or common solvent-based acrylic paint. The coating is easily hand applied with a brush or soft foam roller and provides hard impact resistance surface when fully cured. Must be used with StyroPrime when going over foam.

StyroPrime is water based acrylic latex rubber primer formulated for fast drying and high adhesion to cut or carved foam surfaces. It is formulated to seal the surface of carved foam prior to the application of StyroSpray 1000 hard coating. StyroPrime helps promotes a smooth bubble free hard coating application when a very smooth surface finish is desired. StyroPrime is not required for adhesion or bonding of the StyroSpray hard coating it is optional and should only be used when a smooth finish surface is desired.

Tips for StyroSpray Usage:

  • Mix wet StyroSpray with sand or sawdust and other media to create surface textures over foam – sand stone texture or tree bark are popular effects.
  • Flocking wet StyroSpray with sand creates an excellent bonding surface for tile thin-set or synthetic stucco – mosaic tile applied over foam for water features
  • StyroSpray works well for bonding fabrics or paper to foam – when you laminate fabric over EPS foam you create a very high strength surface.
  • StyroSpray also works as a bonding adhesive for your foam – mix in 3 drops of water per mixed ounce of StyroSpray to make fast set adhesive sets in 25 minutes
  • StyroSpray is also an excellent coating for Paper Mache – StyroSpray creates a plastic waterproof non-chip surface over Paper Mache – See StyroSpray 1000 Reference Guide
  • The final cured coat must be coated with an urethane based or paint formulated to bond to plastics
  • One gallon consisting of three to four coats rolled or brushed on at 30 mils thickness will cover approximately 50 sq ft.
  • Standard recommended application is 3 coats OR 6 coats for concrete molds
Product Features:
  • Styrospray 1000 can be brushed, rolled or sprayed through a Hopper Gun.
  • Contains no VOC’s
  • Will not damage paint or foam surfaces
  • Easily sanded, machined or painted using conventional methods
  • 65-75 Shore D Hardness
Product Uses:
  • Architectural Theming
  • Museum Exhibits
  • Indoor and outdoor 3-Dimensional signs
  • EPS Foam sculptures
  • Movie set design
  • Prop production
  • Waterproofing
  • Coating concrete molds

Technical Data and Comparison

StyroSpray Series: Product Comparison

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