SpeedPak Series

Semi-Flexible Foam Packaging

SpeedPak is two-component, lightweight (0.75 lb/ft3 density per cubic foot) urethane foam that is specifically formulated for pour-in-place packaging. When mixed SpeedPak quickly rises to form lightweight semi-flexible foam that exactly contours to the part being packaged and adheres to the cardboard box. This enhances resistance to damage caused by impact and crushing caused during shipping. SpeedPak is a hand mixed system that requires no special equipment. It is hand mixed and poured into you packing container.

Shipping Protection

Within seconds SpeedPak expands 150 times its original liquid volume to form a flexible foam cradle around packaged parts. It provides vibration and impact resistance for packaged goods.

Speedpak is a fast, easy to use solution for protecting breakable items during shipping. After shipping the material is easily removed and discarded after use.

Product Features:

  • Impact Resistance
  • Hand mixed system
  • Rapid Cure time

Product Uses:

  • Protecting breakable items during shipping

Technical Data and Comparison

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