Rigid Molding Foam

Rigid Urethane Molding Foam

Our rigid urethane foam is available in 2-12 lbs density, easily mixed with no specialized equipment. The rigid molding foam is a rapid cure rigid polyurethane closed cell foam, excellent for flotation devices, sculpting, carving, and molding into rigid parts.

Applications and Uses

  • Flotation Devices
  • Packaging foam for fine art
  • Carving and Sculpting Prototypes

Specific Applications

Low-Density Structural or Flotation Applications

This product is a liquid two-component polyurethane system that forms rigid foam with a nominal density of 2 -12 lbs. per cubic ft. that can be used for low-density structural or flotation applications. Higher densities can be made by restricting the expansion in closed molds. RV-series pigments can be added to the Component B before combining with the Component A. This product can be easily mixed by hand for small projects or machine dispensed for larger applications.

Product Features:
  • Rapid set time
  • Available in 2 to 12 lb density
Product Uses:
  • Making molds
  • Sculpting and carving
  • Floatation

Product Expansion Chart

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