Insta-Gel Series

Flexible Gel Molding / Casting Compounds

The Insta-Gel® and Insta-Gel® Spray product lines offer a self-thickening gel feature. After mixing the liquid Component A and B the mixture thickens to a creamy buttery like consistency that allows for the application of polymer on vertical or uneven surfaces. The cured polymers form a tough and durable rubber liner that can be used for casting concrete and plaster parts.

Insta-Gel® products are designed for “hand mixing” giving 15 to 20 minutes applications times.

Insta-Gel® Spray products are designed for high volume rapid set applications and require plural component spray equipment.

Before applying Insta-Gel®, surfaces should be coated with silicone or wax mold release and must be free of moisture to prevent unwanted bonding or surface bubbling. Mold releasing agents must be used to ensure easy removal of Insta-Gel® rubber mold from the master.

These products feature:

  • High viscosity
  • Flexible molds
  • Mechanical durability
  • High tear resistance
  • Easily hand mixed (Insta-Gel®) or machine dispensed (Insta-Gel® Spray) with a small handheld dual cartridge spray gun or electric gear driven 2 component plural spray machine where high volume production is required.

Applications and Uses

  • Casting of concrete and plaster parts
  • Molding wax for bronze sculpturing
  • 3-dimensional objects
  • Vertical wall surfaces
  • High detail castings
  • Architectural theming
  • Animatronics
  • Natural texture reproduction
  • Special effects applications
  • Molds from wood, plaster or clay masters (mold release agents should be applied to master before coating)

Specific Applications

Flexible Rubber Molds

Very soft and flexible rubber used to create molds that require high elongation to release parts that are deeply uncut.

Available in a brush-on and spray-on molding formulation.

Best Products for Flexible Rubber Molds

Insta-Gel 20 & Insta-Gel Spray 20

Product Features:
  • High Elongation
  • 20-30 Shore A Hardness
Product Uses:
  • Casting of concrete and plaster parts
  • Molding wax for bronze sculpturing

Brush-On Molding / Casting Gels

Two-component urethane elastomer that is specifically formulated as a brush on molding compound. After mixing, Insta-Gel thickens to creamy butterable gel that can easily be brushed on to vertical or overhead surfaces without sagging or running. In 24-hours Insta-Gel cures to a tough rubber mold and is ready for use. These products are tough and has a high tear resistance as well as good grease and oil resistance. They have long mold storage life, insensitive inhibition and good adhesion between coats, as well as color coded for better mixing indication.

Best Products for Brush-On Molding / Casting Gels

Insta-Gel 30, Insta-Gel 40, Insta-Gel 50, & Insta-Gel 65

Product Features:
  • Very durable rubber with excellent flexibility
  • Ideal for items that require higher mechanical properties
  • Available in range of hardnesses to accommodate the flexibility needed for the application
Product Uses:
  • Mold liners for casting of concrete and plaster parts
  • Molding wax for bronze sculpturing

Spray On Molding Gels

Insta-Gel Spray is urethane which becomes very thick after part A and B components are mixed together. Having a urethane product which is very high in viscosity (a paste consistency) allows the product to be applied very thick on a surface without sagging or running down. Spray on rubber mold making rubbers are very help and time saving when you are making rubber molds from large 3-dimensional masters. A spray on rubber is also helpful if you want to spray into an open-faced mold to make a large flexible rubber skin for animatronics applications.

We recommend 2 types of spraying equipment for Insta-Gel Spray application:

  • the first type is a small handheld dual cartridge spray gun, ranges from $700.00 to $1500.00 USD
  • the second is a much larger electric gear driven 2 component plural spray machine, ranges in price between $5000.00 to $12,000.00 USD

Both types of spraying equipment can be used with Insta-Gel Spray. The handheld cartridge sprayer may be purchased directly from Industrial Polymers Corporation or other suppliers. 

A disadvantage of using the hand held cartridge spray gun is the added cost of the disposable plastic cartridges which only hold 1.5 liters of product and cannot be reused. The cost of the disposable plastic cartridges and mixer tips is approximately $8.25 per cartridge set and it takes approximately 4 complete cartridge sets to spray only one gallon of Insta-Gel Spray rubber. The cost of disposable plastic cartridges adds $33.00 per gallon to the cost of spraying your rubber. If you plan to use large amounts of spray on mold making rubber the more expensive electric spraying equipment may be a good investment over the long run and reduces landfill waste. 

The electric spraying equipment should be purchased directly from an equipment manufacture/supplier who can offer long term maintenance, technical support and training. We routinely direct customers to Spray-Quip Incorporated at 800-500-9109 or Michael Engineering at 989-772-4073 for price quotes and help in selecting the spraying equipment which best serves your needs.

Best Products for Spray On Molding Gels

Insta-Gel Spray 30, Insta-Gel Spray 40, & Insta-Gel Spray 65

Product Features:
  • High viscosity (a paste consistency)
  • Provides for a tough, flexible stand-alone mold that does not requirement containment boxes
Product Uses:
  • Rubber molds from large 3D masters
  • Open-faced mold to make a large flexible rubber skin for animatronics applications
  • Architectural, fine art or natural texture reproduction

Technical Data and Comparison

Insta-Gel® Series: Product Comparison

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