HydroSpan Series

Expanding or Shrinking of 3-Dimensonally Molded Parts

A very unique product line allows you to expand or shrink your three-dimensional molded product without losing details or quality. Hydrospan is water-activated; your molded product may be expanded to 161% or reduced 55 to 85% just by soaking in water. Both products are easy to work with and achieve uniform results when directions are followed. Almost any type of mold is compatible with Hydrospan when properly prepared. This line has been used by architects, artist, prototype makers, or anyone wanting to change the size of their original product, without losing dimensional integrity.

These products feature:

  • Flexibility
  • Contains no VOC’s
  • Water-activated
  • Maintains dimensional integrity

Applications and Uses

  • Theming
  • Architectural Projects
  • Model Makers
  • Movie Set Designs
  • Prototype Design
  • Toy Makers
  • Museum Projects

Specific Applications

Expanding 3-dimensionally Molded Parts

HydroSpan 100 is a unique two-component, Flexible, 100% solids (contains no V.O.C.), polyurethane elastomeric compound. HydroSpan 100, when fully cured provides a simple method for expanding three-dimensionally molded parts. Expanding parts is done by simply molding the part with HydroSpan 100 to form a rubber master. After curing 24 hours at room temperature the molded HydroSpan 100 part is soaked in room temperature water and allowed to expand. Full expansion is 61% larger than the original part. Full expansion of parts can be achieved in 5 to 14 days depending on cross section thickness of the part. Thicker cross sections take longer while thinner cross-sections require less time.

Product Features:
  • HydroSpan 100 enlarges with higher fidelity than laser scanning. Even finger prints accurately enlarge from molds made from human hands.
  • Full expansion of parts can be achieved in 5 to 14 days depending on cross section thickness of the part. Thicker cross sections take longer while thinner cross sections require less time.
Product Uses:
  • Expand the size of project
  • Retains original definition and detail

Shrinking 3-dimensionally Molded Parts

The HydroSpan 400 product was invented by Industrial Polymers for reducing the size of 3-dimensional objects while maintaining high surface detail. The HydroSpan 400 product is a urethane resin which quickly cures when mixed with ordinary tap water. We recommend using COLD water (ice cold water) to extend the very short working life of this product. You must create a mold of the original object you which to shrink in size and then fill the mold with HydroSpan 400. The HydroSpan 400 will rapidly cure in your mold within minutes. Remove the HydroSpan 400 casting from your mold and place in a low humidity environment to begin the reduction process. You have only 1 to 2 minutes to pour this material into your mold after mixing with COLD water before it cures. The amount of water used in the reaction depends on the amount of reduction you wish to achieve.

The HydroSpan 400 shrinks proportionally as water evaporates out of the cured product. You may use a food dehydrator to speed the shrinkage process or simply leave the casting in a low humidity environment for it to shrink; it produces very accurate reductions of any casting. Most of our experience with this product has been with shrinking objects with a starting size of approximately 6 inches in diameter. Very large castings may be more difficult to shrink because it will take much longer for the water to evaporate from the HydroSpan 400 casting. You must monitor the shrinking process until the desired size is achieved. When the desired reduction size has been achieved you will make your new production mold from the reduced HydroSpan 400 casting. You may use molds made from urethane rubber, silicone rubber, metal or plastic to cast HydroSpan 400. Silicone spray mold release or wax based release agent must be used to prevent sticking of HydroSpan in your mold, except for silicone rubber molds which are naturally releasing.

Product Features:
  • HydroSpan 400 is a casting resin which shrinks and reduces the size of 3-dimensional objects – it shrinks as water inside evaporates out
  • Urethane or silicone rubber molds can be used with HydroSpan – Metal or hard plastic molds can also be used with spray release agent or wax
  • Time for shrinkage to complete depends on the thickness of the casting – Thin wall castings shrink in a few days – thicker castings may take several weeks
  • Low humidity environment, such as a food dehydrator, achieves the fastest dehydration
  • Reductions from 55 % to 86% the original part can be made depending on how much water is added in the initial curing process – less than 2 parts water is not recommended. See Technical Data Sheet for further details.
Product Uses:
  • Used to reduce the size of project
  • Retains original definition and detail

Technical Data and Comparison

HydroSpan Series: Product Comparison

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