Our chemist learned early on the importance of the proper primer for the specific application. We have since developed a line of primers to allow superior adhesion with the urethane to the existing surface. With the proper primer you can be confident of adhesion whether it be wood, metal, steel, foams, piping, painted surfaces etc.

Urethane primers are used to promote the bonding and adhesion of urethanes to surfaces. Most urethanes should be applied over a prepared primed surface for optimal results. We have developed special primers for specific application. Our primers range in applications for concrete, metal, unpainted metal, as a tie coat to fiberglass parts, flooring, roof decking, pipeline, tank, and wood. Our primer 450 has been used in the application of our Speedliner™ Truck Bed liners for over 20 years. These primers can be applied with brush, rollers, dipped or sprayed with a low pressure sprayer. Any place adhesion to pre painted metal is desired.