All of our products have multiple uses or may be customized to your particular application.

Product Uses

Mold Making

Our molding products have a wide variety of uses and applications.
Mold safety pads for workboats, industrial and offshore oil industry, helicopter landing pads or playgrounds. Mold 3-dimensional objects without losing details or replace metal injections molds with lower coat urethane molds. Whatever your challenge we have the molding materials offering resistance to oil and grease, drilling fluids, oil crude products, sea water, impact, the elements, and UV degradation.

This is a high density, impact resistant, flexible, molding or casting resin product. TrueCast is our most versatile line of compounds: absorbs vibrations, resistant to specific elements and chemicals. Great for rubber seals, bumpers, and rollers. Insensitive to typical environmental moisture, low viscosity, high strength and low durometer, low residual surface tack, tough, high tear strength, good oil and grease resistance, good flow into detail, dimensional stable, hardness range from Shore 00A to 85 Shore A. Truecast will pour directly into prepared molds. Also available in a spray series for stand-alone molds and for fine art and natural texture reproduction. The spray versions must be applied with plural component spray systems. Hardness range from 00 Shore A to 90 Shore A
A two component urethane flexible elastomer is specifically formulated as a brush on or trowel on molding compound for any 3 dimensional objects or vertical or overhead surfaces. When mixed becomes a butter-able gel which will not run or sag. This is used as a bonding adhesive for wood, fiberglass, flexible foams, and masonry components. Insta-Gel features tough, high tear resistance, grease and oil resistance, long mold storage life, insensitive to inhibition. Used to fill in surface gaps and bond other urethane pieces together. Contains on VOC’s and will not damage or melt metal paint, plastic or foam surfaces. Hardness range from 25 Shore A to 70 Shore A.
When fully cured this two component urethane provides for hard durable impact resistant coating, part, or water proof sealant for concrete walls or masonry. This multi use product may be sanded, machined, or painted using conventional methods. It is applied with brush or roller eliminating the need for expensive equipment. This product can be used to create a smooth finish on EPS Foam or when combined with chopped fiberglass forms tough durable shell parts. Also, used as a bond for fiberglass beams or to anchor architectural building components, excellent backing for flexible molds. Various set times and work life available. Hardness range from 70 Shore D to 85 Shore D.
A very unique product line allows you to expand or shrink your three-dimensional molded product without losing details or quality. Hydrospan is water-activated; your molded product may be expanded to 161% or reduced 55 to 85% just by soaking in water. Both products are easy to work with and achieve uniform results when directions are followed. Almost any type of mold is compatible with Hydrospan when properly prepared. This line has been used by architects, artist, prototype makers, or anyone wanting to change the size of their original product, without losing dimensional integrity.


Industrial Polymers began in the coatings industry over 30 years ago and since we have developed Spray in Truck bed liners for private consumers, protective coatings for industrial, commercial, and military vehicles.
We also have coatings compliant with The US Military Specifications.
Coatings for metal, wood, urethane roofs, ropes, concrete, masonry, soft foam or EPS foam. Finishes range from hard protective or flexible, glass smooth to ruff non-skids, sandable and paintable. We offer resistance to impacts, salt water, elements, acid, alkalis, UV stable, and fire retardant.

A Semi rigid casting urethane resin, high strength, flexible coatings used in marine, industrial, and water parks. Resistant to wet environments and has good chemical resistance. TrueKote is extremely durable over flexible foams; best suited for synthetic nylon rope, composite line buoys, marine bumpers and fenders and over flexible foam products. TrueKote 100 non-spray versions are non- flammable, offers minimal shrinkage, and contains no VOC’s, ships non-hazardous. Apply with brush, dip method, roll-on, trowel or rotation. TrueKote spray versions can be applied with a pressure pot system, the spray version is hazardous. All products in this series are available in various colors and set times. Hardness range from 75 Shore D to 90 Shore A.
This series offers a desirable balance of chemical resistance, film, and thermo-plasticity. Outstanding as a marine maintenance coating, rope coating, buoy coating; offering superior protection to abrasion and weather conditions. Works on a variety of rope products and nettings any substrate where protection and retention and enhancement of physical properties are desired. In low temperatures, it retains good flexibility and ages well in heat and humidity. Fiberlock will Increase the life and wear resistance of synthetic rope and nylon nettings. This product is available in a variety of colors. Apply using the dip and dry method. Hardness 65-75 Shore D. StyroSpray 1000 is excellent for cosplay designers as well as prop makers. **THIS PRODUCT COMPLIES WITH UNITED STATES MILITARY SPECIFICATIONS**

This two-component semi-rigid coating is 100% solids recommended for Styrofoam, EPS foam, fabrication of signs, decorative themeing, visual displays and concrete molds cut from EPS foam. Styrospray eliminates the need for expensive high-pressure spray equipment. When fully cured the surface may be sanded or machined. Can be used in place of fiberglass in some applications and painted with either water or solvent based paints. This product is used to create a smooth surface on carved or wire cut foam and to enhance the strength and durability of finished parts. We recommend this product be used with our Styroprime to obtain a strong bond to the surface you are coating. Styrospray can be brushed, rolled or sprayed through a Hopper Gun. The work life of this product is unlimited after mixed if stored in an air tight container. Styrospray contains no VOC’s will not damage paint or foam surfaces. Hardness 65 Shore D. StyroSpray 1000 is excellent for cosplay designers as well as prop makers.

High-performance urethane elastomeric coating designed for high build applications. When fully cured forms a tough, abrasive resistant rubber coating, suited for applications requiring protection from impact, abrasion or corrosion on metal, wood or concrete surfaces. Texture provides an excellent non-slip surface. Used as a spray in bed liner for the automotive industry for over twenty years, for waterproofing boats and marine applications, excellent non skid and non slip on wood and concrete surfaces, Additives include kevlar fiber for added cut and tear resistance, sand, or aluminum oxide grit may be added to achieve additional non-skid properties. Many colors available from our SL pigment series. We also have a specially formulated version for acid and alkali resistant or higher abrasion applications. All Speedliner products are easy to apply with a standard hopper gun. Hardness 90-95 Shore A

This product series is very versatile in that it will work with several of our other product lines. It is a two-component aliphatic urethane coating offering resistance to corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, and impact and rated with the highest of commercially available coatings. This product can be applied by spraying with conventional airless or electrostatic applicators or maybe brushed on to achieve an excellent gloss and color retention for exterior surfaces. These coatings have been very successful over a urethane base coat in water parks, on aircraft, railroad cars, ships, storage tanks, metal bridges, piping, and structural steel, and on wood, concrete, and some plastics, including vinyl. The finish is flexible with the use of plasticizers, so it is not subject to becoming brittle with age. TopCoat may be used with Fluorescent Polymers.

Casting Compounds

Our casting compounds are currently used for safety surfacing, for the offshore oil industry, industrial and commercial applications. Very popular for 3-D signage and Movie Props due to the excellent finish and ease to work with. Duplicate natural substrates or cast panels simulating natural stone for architectural projects. Casting compounds are for excellent for encapsulation of sensitive electrical components, due to the strength and durability.

Casting compound resin for the look and feel of injection molded high definition-prototype parts. This is a low viscosity, rapid setting, rigid urethane resin which cures quickly to a hard, tough impact resistant casting, with a thermoplastic feel. Protocast is non-sensitive to moisture after cure and will bond to itself if stage pours are require. This product eliminates the need for expensive metal injection molds. Protocast has been specially formulated for casting high definition or 3 dimensional prototype parts or limited run production work for the look and feel of thermoplastic. This product will not become brittle when used to mold a thin walled part. These products maybe hand or machine mixed. Various curing and work times are available. Hardness range from 60 Shore D to 85 Shore D
Two component castable polyurethane elastomer resin contains no TDI or MOCA. Insensitive to typical environmental moisture and low shrinkage it provides the strength and durability of a heat cured urethane in a simple RTV system. It provides the ability to cast high strength, flexible parts in a urethane or silicone mold. Used in core box liners, metal forming pads, industrial parts, and abrasion resistant pads bumpers, wear seals, industrial blades, and concrete stamp dies. Pure Cast products are also, an abrasive resistant coating for ropes, buoys, netting, marine and industrial projects.
Semi flexible polymer casting resin used in visual displays. This resin has medium durability for working parts. Finished product is lightweight, prefect for panels and wall displays simulated stone or fossilized appearance. Due to the high impact resistance it has been used on the strike face of golf clubs. Several versions of Speedset are currently used, to encapsulate electrical components. A low viscosity, rapid setting casting urethane resin used to achieve high strength and durometer. The rapid cure allows for quick de-mold times. Speedset is easy to use requiring only hand mixing and applying. This very quick setting product is available in various working and de-molding times. Hardness range from 35 Shore D to 70 Shore D.
TrueCast is a flexible casting compound for concrete and masonry building concepts. It works very well on irregular parts and is our most versatile product. The TrueCast Series is a high density, impact resistant, flexible, molding or casting resin product. This compound absorbs vibrations, resistant to specific elements and chemicals. Great for rubber seals, bumpers, and rollers. Insensitive to typical environmental moisture, low viscosity, high strength and low durometer, low residual surface tack, tough, high tear strength, good oil and grease resistance, good flow into detail, dimensional stable, hardness range from Shore 00A to 85 Shore A.


Our chemist learned early on the importance of the proper primer for the specific application. We have since developed a line of primers to allow superior adhesion with the urethane to the existing surface. With the proper primer, you can be confident of adhesion whether it be wood, metal, steel, foams, piping, painted surfaces etc.

Urethane primers are used to promote the bonding and adhesion of urethanes to surfaces. Most urethanes should be applied over a prepared primed surface for optimal results. We have developed special primers for a specific application. Our primers range in applications for concrete, metal, unpainted metal, as a tie coat to fiberglass parts, flooring, roof decking, pipeline, tank, and wood. Our primer 450 has been used in the application of our Speedliner Truck Bed liners for over 20 years. These primers can be applied with a brush, rollers, dipped or sprayed with a low-pressure sprayer. Any place adhesion to pre painted metal is desired.


Urethanes make excellent sealants due to their ability to be hard, soft, flexible, water proof, and fast set times. Great for sealing joints in runways, bridges, plaza, and highways because of the resistance to jet fuel, hydraulic oils, pedestrian, and vehicular traffic. 


This product performs exceptionally well in horizontal joint or spalled edges where excellent adhesion, high resiliency and weather resistance are needed. Recommended for and has been used for sealing joints in airport runways, highways, bridges, plazas, and industrial concrete floors. After curing has excellent resistance to jet fuel and most hydraulic oils, pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Apply by hand or with applicator gun. Currently used on airport runways due to the quick set time, and easy application by existing personal.


Poly urethanes are excellent for bonding and adhesion due the quick set time and resistance to water and elements. Easily bonds visual displays and panels to fiberglass or masonry for architectural building components. Also, bonds urethanes to other urethanes for more complicated applications. 


Urethane foams are available in densities ranging from 3-7 lbs for rigid or flexible rubberize properties. The denser the foam the harder the finished product for the application for structural insulation, soft floatation, packaging foam for fine art, or carving and sculpting prototypes. Easy to use can be hand mixed no need for special equipment in most application.

Low-Density Insulation, Structural or Flotation

Our rigid urethane foam is available in 3 lbs density, easily mixed with no specialized equipment.
The 3 lbs rigid foam is a rapid cure rigid polyurethane closed cell foam, excellent for flotation devices, sculpting, carving, and molding into rigid parts.

Flexible Expandable Molding Foam

Our Flexible Foams are a rapid cure elastomeric open cell polyurethane foam which forms a tough abrasion resistant rubber part when fully cured. The parts, produce an outer “Self Skinning” or” Integral Skin” as they expand against the wall of a closed mold cavity: may be used without any further processing.. A few of the common uses include Pipeline Pigs or Swabs, for cleanout and pipeline rehabilitation, seating in the automotive industry, and molding soft play items for play areas and theming for the movie industry. We offer 12 standard color and florescent color options for your specific needs. Our Urethane flex foams are easy to use and include easy to understand instructions for prep and installation.

Flexible foams are open cell foams and are not recommended for flotation as they will absorb water in long term submersion. FX Flexible Foams range in density from 6 lbs. to 26 lbs. and can for larger customers be customized to your specific application.


Polyurethanes are excellent for the encapsulation of electrical components and fragile wiring, due to the waterproofing and impact protection properties. These urethanes set up quickly and seal completely. These urethanes are light weight which makes them perfect for sensitive parts and connectors.


Every project has special requirements for the desired end result, whether it be a special color, finish, or surface. Industrial Polymers offers a complete line of pigments beginning with nineteen standard colors for our Speedliner products, as well as another special line of RV pigment for our other urethanes. We offer colorants, dyes, tints and, fluorescents to customizes your project or meet your specifications. We offer kevlar for added strength, and protection from impact, other special additives for non-slip and safety surfaces and fire retardants for additional properties.

Fluorescent Pigments

This resin can be added to the Fiberlock and Top Coat Series to achieve high visibility in daylight hours. This product is UV Stable, chemical, and salt water resistant, while protecting against abrasion and weather conditions. This resin works on a variety of surfaces and numerous applications while enhancing the existing physical properties of the substrate. It is excellent as a safety marker on buoys, ropes, street signs and markers, construction areas, in any area where high visibility is necessary. When added to Fiberlock products it will extend the life and flexibility in heat and humidity. When added to the Top Coat Series it will enhance and protect existing coating while adding high visibility to the finished products.


We have a large variety of colorants, dyes, and pigments for all types of urethanes. We will be happy to recommend the proper one for your project or specific color you may need. We have a complete line of RV Pigments, as well as, nineteen standard pigments in our SL lines, and a line of Fluorescent colors. All of these work well when used with our Topcoats to retain color and prevent fading on exterior surfaces.

All of our products have multiple uses or may be customized to your particular application.