Theming Industry

Coatings & Flexible Molding Materials for Water & Theme Park Industry

One of our most popular products in the water park industry is our Speedliner series of products. Speedliner EPIC is extremely tough and tear resistant.

Truecast series is also very important when making flexible molds for the Soft Play areas as is the Protocasts for use with rigid molding.

Designers use EPS foams for sculptures or 3-dimensional signs and displays they usually need a hard coating with a smooth sandable, paintable surface such as Styrospray. It can be applied by brush on methods or sprayed directly and it has an unlimited work life when stored properly. As a Spray Foam, Styrospray will work perfectly for your custom applications and needs.

If the design is over flexible closed cell EVA foams the go-to product is TrueKote with TopCoats for added UV stability and impact protection and a smooth finish.

When used with our high-performance Primers the life of the project will be greatly increased due to the excellent adhesion to the substrate.

Most of the above products are used with the SL Pigments available in many different standard colors.