Industrial Coatings & Sealants

Speedliner is used all over the world for is versatility in the industrial and manufacturing industry. Speedliner industrial coating is used in areas where is it necessary to water blast with chemicals to clean or to protect from damaging impact. Speedliner has 17 standard colored pigments available. Custom color matching is available as well.
Uraseal performs exceptionally well as an industrial sealant in horizontal joint repairs or on spalled edges where excellent quick curing adhesion and weather resistance is required.
Uraseal has long been used to repair airport runways, highways, bridges, plazas and concrete floors. Our chemist custom formulated this product for use in airport runway repairs over 25 years ago; our customer needed a product with a fast cure, resistant to jet fuel and most hydraulic oils and was weather resistant. They also needed a product with an easy application by hand or applicator spray gun, so existing personnel could use it. Uraseal is still used by the airport systems and many other applications for industry and manufacturing.