Company History

Notable Achievements

Department of Defense 2008 Value Engineering Award Javelin Missile weapon system. Team Category – Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, Javelin Launch Tube Enhancement Team & Marine Corps Systems Command, Anti-Armor Systems Joint Special Operations Department. Industrial Polymers served as the developmental consultant and exclusive product manufacturer for the project. The Awards ceremony was held on June 17, 2009, at the Pentagon Building, Washington D.C. NSWC Crane – July 2009

Company Timeline

United States Patent 4,659,748 - 1985

Method for rapidly repairing broken or cracked roadway surfaces by injecting expanding urethane compounds below grade. Industrial polymers patented a method utilizing water or surface moisture to form a polymer compound to provide long-lived crack repair and below grade fill under roadways.


In 1995 Industrial Polymers invented Speedliner a product which simplified the application of spray-on truck bed liner coatings. Until the invention of SpeedLiner, the application of spray-on truck bed liners required the use of complex and expensive high-pressure spraying equipment. Many new car dealerships and collision repair shops wanted the ability to apply spray-on truck bed liners but were reluctant to invest $25,000 in specialized spraying equipment and associated franchise fees. The invention of Speedliner gave customers the ability to spray on truck bed liners with a simple low-cost hopper spray gun and to color match their bed liners using the same color tints used in their automotive paints. The Speedliner product is currently sold through more than 3500 dealer applicators in 25 countries.


The invention of the first water expanding casting resin for accurately enlarging 3-dimensional objects in high resolution. HydroSpan 100 was originally developed as a drainage pipe sealing product with the ability to expand and seal off leaks on contact with water. Our developmental partner desired a rubber joint seal with the property of expansion on contact with water to seal off leaks resulting from soil erosion and movement. Customers now use the HydroSpan 100 product to enlarge objects for foundry molds, fossils, and other visual displays.

United States Patent 6,362,302 - 1999

Industrial Polymers patented a method of producing three-dimensional polyurethane shapes by spray molding a quasi-gel like polymer. The polymer compounds are used in the fabrication of three-dimensional shapes including rocks, rock walls or rock faces, trees, tree stumps or limbs, animals, architectural features or settings in which a certain visual appearance is desired.


The invention of the first RTV urethane casting resin for accurately shrinking 3-dimensional objects in high resolution.

HydroSpan 400 was developed at the request of numerous customers seeking to shrink 3-dimensional objects in high resolution. It is frequently used to rescale toys, jewelry molds, foundry molds, art, and other display items.

In 2000 Industrial Polymers invented the StyroSpray hard coating product for coating cut or carved foam construction. Like Speedliner before it, StyroSpray eliminates the need for expensive high-pressure spraying equipment to apply a protective plastic hard coating over foam. EPS foam or Styrene Foam is a low cost easily shapeable product commonly used in the manufacture of outdoor signs and decorative theming. The problem with EPS foam, it’s very fragile and easily damaged from impact or dissolved by paints or fiberglass resin. StyroSpray provides a durable smooth protective coating over foam which can be sanded or painted with solvent-based paints or fiberglass resin. StyroSpray is the first of its kind moisture cure polyurea hard coating which only cures when exposed to moisture in the air. It is applied by hopper spray gun, brush or paint roller. StyroSpray provides customers with an economical way to hard coat low-density foams enabling them to create new products and reduce production costs.

Industry-leading confidential development of moisture cured urethane compounds used in infrastructure repair and maintenance.

Industry-leading confidential development of moisture cured urethane compounds used to control the movement of below grade water

Pioneering development of urethane polymer gels for industry specific applications

Ongoing development of polymer products for military and aerospace applications.