About Industrial Polymers Corporation

About Industrial PlymersIndustrial Polymers combines the capabilities of science and technology with a passion for innovating new products. With our onsite polymers chemist and experienced technical staff, we have the ability to tap into new markets and opportunities through cooperative product development with our customers. For over 30 years we have practiced the art of invention creating 100’s of products for industrial, commercial, municipal, and military needs. We provide customers a turnkey solution for product development, technical services, manufacturing services, and warehousing, packaging, and national and international shipping logistics. We formulate and manufacture the most complex polymer compounds in our state of the art 46,000 sq foot facility serving more than 6000 customers in 40 countries. Located in Houston, Texas, the nearby Port of Houston provides efficient direct shipping to our customers in Western Europe, the Caribbean, Central and South American or any location international. That is why our customers come back to us time and time again for each new project or need.

Our Mission

The mission of Industrial Polymers is to commit our resources and expertise in developing and manufacturing the best products for our customers. We work diligently with customers to solve challenges and empower them to realize new opportunities in global markets.

In a competitive market place increasingly driven by technology and technological innovation, we strive to provide customers with products to innovate, to assume a position of leadership in their respective industries. Our role is to provide customized products and services on an individual basis.

As we strive to provide innovative high-quality products, we also strive to deliver as quickly as possible at the most competitive price. We are committed to never-ending improvement, to becoming the first choice of customers seeking quality polymer products. As we adhere closely to our mission and corporate vision, Industrial Polymers will achieve controlled sustainable growth through new product development, market diversification, strategic alliance, and international expansion. We will achieve organizational growth by providing a challenging and rewarding workplace for our employees, an environment where individual excellence is appreciated and rewarded. We will demonstrate stewardship of our precious natural resources by continuing to manufacture environmentally safe products and developing new products from renewable resources.

Industrial Polymers is committed to remaining a reliable and trustworthy partner to our customers, employees, and shareholders.