TrueKote CS-100 can be used as a protective coating for rope and closed cell flexible foam. It provides a slow 45-minute working life and may also be used as a casting product. TrueKote CS-100 protects rope rigging against damage from cuts and abrasion. Over flexible foam it provides a durable flexible surface, which resists cuts and punctures. TrueKote CS-100 is also used for encapsulating or potting fittings and eyes used in marine rope riggings. TrueKote CS-100 can be colored with SL or RV pigment dispersions

TrueKote CS 100 is an abrasion resistant high build flexible rubber coating. It is recommended for coating rope, fabrics and netting where abrasion resistance and flexibility are required; we offer a selection of 18 color pigments sold separately. TrueKote CS 100 is a softer more flexible coating than the Purecast 603 product. It provides lower abrasion resistance than our Purecast 603 with a softer hardness of 82 Shore A. It is easy to mix and apply by hand no special equipment is required. Customers will choose this coating when greater flexibility and less abrasion resistance are required. TrueKote CS 100 has been successfully used to coat Kevlar fabric lifting slings providing waterproofing and wear resistance. TrueKote CS 100 is compatible with most synthetic or natural fiber ropes or fabrics see technical data bulletin for complete information. TrueKote CS 100 contains no solvents and is classified as a nonhazardous material for shipping purposes.


Working Properties

Mix Ratio By Weight

100 parts A/ 16.12 part B

Mix Ratio By Volume

100 parts A/ 15.20 parts B

Viscosity @ 72°F (A Side)

12500 CPS

Viscosity @ 72°F (B Side)

200 CPS

Viscosity @ 72°F (Mixed)

7500 CPS




Working Life 300 gram Mass @ 72°F

50-70 minutes

Tack Free @ 72°F

6 hours

Ultimate Cure @72°F

7 days


96 hours maximum



Physical Properties

Specific Gravity (Part A)


Specific Gravity (Part B)


Specific Gravity (Mixed)


Weight/Gallon Part A

8.59 lbs.

Weight/Gallon Part B

8.88 lbs.

Weight/Gallon Mixed

8.63 lbs.

Cubic inch per lb. of product

0.037359 lb (16.96 grams)

Hardness @ 72° F

ASTM 2240-85

75-85 Shore A

Tear Strength

ASTM D-412 die C


Tensile Strength

ASTM D-412 die C

2,850 psi


ASTM D-412 die C


Volatile Organic Compounds

ASTM D-2369


Fungus Resistance


Water Absorption



Clean Up

Dispose of all empty TrueKote CS-100 component containers in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Empty component containers can be rendered non-hazardous by rinsing the containers with a small amount of mixed material and allowing the solvents to evaporate. The containers will then contain non-hazardous cured urethane.

Storage and Shelf Life

TrueKote CS-100 is shipped from the factory in sealed containers. The containers should be stored in a cool, dry area that is protected from direct sunlight and moisture. Storage temperatures should not exceed 80°F. The shelf life of the factory sealed containers stored under these conditions is six months. Containers that have been opened should be resealed immediately after material has been removed in order to prevent solvent evaporation.


Shipping Class: Class 55 Non-hazardous