Polyurethane Casting/Mold Making Compounds

Polyurethanes offer the most versatile range of engineered properties which allows for the formulation of extremely durable casting compounds with excellent mechanical properties. In addition to casting and mold making properties, some of these products find multiple uses flexible parts, coatings, and encapsulation for electrical parts.

  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Wear Resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Hydrolysis resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Elongation
  • Tear Strength
  • Tensile Strength
  • Chemical resistance


Product Highlights

  • We offer 11 different hardness of molding compounds ranging from Shore 0 A to Shore 90 A.
  • Our softer molding compounds are used to create molds of irregular shaped objects with deep undercuts.
  • Harder TrueCast® molding products are used for casting more abrasive concrete or masonry products as well as durable rubber parts.
  • TrueCast® products are listed below in order of increasing hardness beginning with our softest TrueCast-00 and ending with our most rigid TrueCast-90.
  • The TrueCast® molding rubbers can also be used as coatings over flexible foams and for casting solid rubber parts like bumpers, gaskets, seals or rubber wall displays.

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TrueCast® is a high density, impact resistant, flexible, molding or casting resin product.

IMG 1214

TrueCast® is our most versatile line of compounds: absorbs vibrations, resistant to specific elements and chemicals, which is great for rubber seals, bumpers, and rollers. These products are insensitive to typical environmental moisture. Product features include low viscosity, high strength, and low durometer, low residual surface tack, tough, high tear strength, good oil and grease resistance, good flow into detail, and are dimensional stable. Truecast® will pour directly into prepared molds.

The TrueCast® products are easy to use, simply mix the A and B components together and pour. Within minutes TrueCast® begins to cure into a flexible mold or durable rubber part casting.

A rubber mold is constructed by pouring TrueCast® around an existing piece of art, a clay master or industrial part, which has been coated with a mold release agent. Within hours the TrueCast® molding material can be removed from the master. The finished mold can be filled with a variety of casting materials to make hard or flexible parts.

TrueCast Series: Product Descriptions

TrueCast® 00 & 10

Very soft and flexible rubber used to create molds that require high elongation to release parts that are deeply uncut. In addition, Very soft and pliable parts can be made with this family of polymers.

Primary uses include:

  • Casting of concrete and plaster parts
  • Sound Dampening
  • Impact absorption pads
  • Soft rubber parts

TrueCast® 20, 30, 40

These products are the most common choice for concrete mold as they create a very durable rubber with excellent flexibility. Ideal for items that require higher mechanical properties.

Primary uses include:

  • Mold for the casting of concrete and plaster parts
  • Durable rubber parts
  • Encapsulation

TrueCast® 65

Durable rubber with excellent flexibility most often used to create items that require higher mechanical properties. This product is also often for use as a flexible coating for closed cell flexible foam to create an impact and abrasion resistant surface. Most often used with Topcoat # 9 for outdoor use.

Primary uses include:

  • Casting of large concrete and plaster parts
  • Durable rubber parts
  • Encapsulation
  • Coating for flexible foam for wet environments (fresh and saltwater application)

TrueCast® 70, 85F, 90

Durable rubber with excellent flexibility most often used to create items that require higher mechanical properties, faster setting.

Primary uses include:

  • Durable rubber parts and pads that require abrasion resistance
  • Encapsulation
  • Mold making for parts that do not have undercutting features

*The chart above displays the most requested TrueCast® Series products.
For a complete detailed list of TrueCast series, see the comparison chart (PDF)

If you are making high production rubber molds for concrete or cast stone we recommend making your molds from (40 Shore A) to (65 Shore A) hardness rubber. If you are unsure of the correct hardness for your project you may request a cured sample block for evaluation. Please fill in our contact form and tell us which products you would like to receive more information about and/or samples.