StyroSpray 1000 is a two component, semi-rigid, 100% solids (contains no V.O.C.), polyurethane polyurea hard coating for EPS foams. It is recommended for hard shell coating of EPS foam (expanded polystyrene) for fabrication of signs, decorative theming, visual displays and concrete molds cut from EPS foam, it can also be used to harden fabric surfaces and seal Paper Mache structures (see Paper Mache Coating section below). StyroSpray 1000 eliminates the need for expensive high pressure spraying equipment to apply hard coating to EPS foam shapes. StyroSpray 1000 is excellent for cosplay designers as well as prop makers.

Application and Mix Ratio

Please see video on our web site which demonstrates StyroSpray 1000 mixing and application procedure, as well as the StyroSpray 1000 Reference Guide online or included with your purchase.



Working Properties

Mix Ratio By Weight

99 parts A/ 100 part B

Mix Ratio By Volume

100 parts A/ 100 parts B

Viscosity @ 72°F (A Side)

489 CPS

Viscosity @ 72°F (B Side)

6988 CPS

Viscosity @ 72°F (Mixed)

1430 CPS


Part A:

Clear Amber


Part B:




Off White

Working Life @ 72°F

2-3 days in air tight container

Set Time* @72°F with humidity above 50%

4-6 hours

* Set time and Demold time depends on temperature and relative humidity.


Physical Properties

Specific Gravity (Part A)


Specific Gravity (Part B)


Specific Gravity (Mixed)


Weight/Gallon Part A

9.18 lbs.

Weight/Gallon Part B

9.24 lbs.

Weight/Gallon Mixed

9.21 lbs.

Coverage at 30 mil thickness per gallon

53.47 sq. ft.

Hardness @ 72° F

ASTM 2240

65 Shore D

Tear Strength

ASTM D-624-98

275 lb./in.

Tensile Strength

ASTM D-412-97

2122 psi


ASTM D-412-97


Moisture Transmission

ASTM E 96 @ 23˚C

2.45 Perms


Clean Up

Dispose of all empty StyroSpray 1000 component containers in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Mix Part A 1 Part to Part B 1 Part by volume then add about 10% water and mix with electric drill and Jiffy mixer allow to stand overnight outdoors. This mixture will solidify into a rigid foam which can be disposed of as a non-hazardous solid waste.

Storage and Shelf Life

StyroSpray 1000 liquids should be stored in the original, unopened containers in temperature between 70°F and 90°F (24°C and 29°C). Shelf life of materials when kept in unopened sealed containers, at the recommended storage temperature is six months. Containers should not be opened until ready for immediate use.


Shipping Class: Class 55 Non-hazardous