This two-component semi-rigid coating is 100% solids recommended for Styrofoam, EPS foam, fabrication of signs, decorative theming, visual displays and concrete molds cut from EPS foam.



Architectural Components

architectural-components-speedflex-270-5Working with one of the largest producers of traditional wooden doors, Industrial Polymers has developed several Products used in the manufacture of flexible trim molding and other decorative architectural components. Urethanes can be easily molded into complex shapes and are more versatile than traditional construction materials like wood and plaster for interior design. It will not crack or chip and easily bends to any surface contour for quick and easy installation over archways, around domed ceilings or rounded walls. This versatile product can be rapidly produced with low tooling costs in any design style. We work with customers to integrate new manufacturing technology and expand existing product lines.


The client is a designer and manufacturer of props, special effects, creatures, and animatronics for the motion picture industry. We were asked to develop a flexible UV stable urethane, which could be molded into skin textures and used for outdoor displays. The material also needed to be easily tint-able to produce a broad pallet of UV stable colors. The problem was resolved with the development of a tint-able UV stable in-mold barrier coating used in conjunction with an existing product, InstaGel 50. To make the part, we first brush or spray apply flesh colored barrier coating into a silicone rubber mold and allow to fully dry. Second, we apply a layer of our InstaGel 50 mold making material over the barrier coating and allow overnight curing or force cure at 140° F for 3 hours. The InstaGel 50 thickens when the A and B components are mixed, allowing for heavy product application in-mold without sagging. Using this production methodology we can produce a skin thickness of ¼” with one material application. Reinforcing materials such as fiberglass or Kevlar cloth can be pressed into layers of the InstaGel 50 to further enhance the strength and durability of the rubber skin. To support the rubber skin surface we developed SpeedFlex 300, a flexible open-cell, pour-able, urethane foam to back-up or fill the finished parts. SpeedFlex 300 fills and bonds the rubber skin to internal armatures.




Speedliner Coating

Synthetic Rubber Coating

SPEEDLINER27In partnership with Stewart & Stevenson defense contractors, Industrial Polymers was consulted to formulate a high build synthetic rubber coating to repair corroded floor panels of the worldwide FMTV tactical vehicle fleet. The vehicle cabs were originally constructed with a baked-on epoxy coating(e-coat) to protect the metal cab floors from rusting. In field use, the epoxy coating was quickly scratched away from sand and debris underfoot of vehicle occupants causing the carbon steel floors to rapidly rust away.

SPEEDLINER20Industrial Polymers formulated fast gelation, high viscosity, high build, solvent-free, low odor, abrasion resistant flexible rubber coating, to repair these vehicles in theater around the world. A second fast cure coating with similar properties was developed for application on the manufacturing line to all new FMTV cab assemblies. Since 2000 Industrial Polymers has been the exclusive provider of elastomeric urethane coatings for anti-abrasion and acoustics on the United States family of medium tactical vehicles (FMTV) contract.

Children's Play Artificial Tree

speedliner-coating-artificial-treeOur client was tasked with creating a large artificial tree for a low maintenance themed environment where children can play.
The Speedliner product is typically used for coating the cargo bed areas of pickup trucks, on this project the customer chose to use Speedliner as a highly durable impact and puncture resistant surface over rigid urethane foam. The brush applied Speedliner simulates the texture and appearance of a natural tree.


The HydroSpan product has rapidly become the industry standard for enlarging 3-dimensional shapes. In the fields of fossil reproduction, lifecasting and taxidermy HydroSpan is the first product of its kind to allow artists and scientists to easily enlarge detailed shapes in super high definition. Artists creating cast bronze from life cast molds are now able to produce larger than life high definition reproductions in bronze metal. Every wrinkle of the skin, every hair follicle even the fingerprints are enlarged with perfect accuracy. Museums use HydroSpan to increase the size and visual impact of rare fossil exhibits. Industrial Polymers will soon release the second generation Hydrospan product. This new formulation can be calibrated to provide various degrees of accurate predetermined enlargement, from 4% to 74% expansion.

Fiberlock and TrueKote

Fabric Lifting Device

fabricLiftingDeviceIn partnership with a manufacturer of Kevlar™* fabric products, Industrial Polymers has developed a coating system and application method for coating high tensile strength fabric lifting devices. The specialized cloth slings offer low weight, a nonmetallic alternative to steel lifting devices. In addition to being much more user-friendly, they are far less likely to injure human operators or scratch or damage sensitive equipment than conventional lifting devices.



PureCast & TrueKote

Lifting Slings

lifting-SlingsThe photo demonstrates a current US military specification for the construction of helicopter lifting slings. A sling is constructed from large diameter high tensile strength synthetic cordage with hand woven eyelets. Each lifting eye is first coated with our Purecast 603 semi-rigid casting polymer (black). Purecast was chosen for its excellent abrasion resistance on the primary contact points of the sling. Next, a rubber (75 shore A) neck of CS 252 (black) is cast around the cord using a two-part, mold. The cast in place rubber provides additional abrasion and impact resistance around the eyelet base. All identifying numbers and specification information is cast into the rubber of each eyelet. The length of cordage between eyelets is dip coated in our Vinyl Rope Coating (green) to enhance abrasion resistance and color code each class of sling. The potted lifting eyes are constructed by using a 2 sided silicone rubber mold placed around the eyelet. The CS 252 is then mixed and poured into the mold surrounding the cordage when cured the eyelets are then removed from the mold.




All of our products have multiple uses or may be customized to your particular application.

*Kevlar is a registered trademark of the EI Dupont Corporation.