Our casting compounds are currently used for safety surfacing, for the off shore oil industry, industrial and commercial applications. Very popular for 3-D signage and Movie Props due to the excellent finish and ease to work with. Duplicate natural substrates or cast panels simulating natural stone for architectural projects. Casting compounds are for excellent for encapsulation of sensitive electrical components, due to the strength and durability.

ProtoCast Series

Casting compound resin for the look and feel of injection molded high definition-prototype parts. This is a low viscosity, rapid setting, rigid urethane resin which cures quickly to a hard, tough impact resistant casting, with a thermoplastic feel. Protocast is non-sensitive to moisture after cure and will bond to itself if stage pours are require. This product eliminates the need for expensive metal injection molds. Protocast has been specially formulated for casting high definition or 3 dimensional prototype parts or limited run production work for the look and feel of thermoplastic. This product will not become brittle when used to mold a thin walled part. These products maybe hand or machine mixed. Various curing and work times are available. Hardness range from 60 Shore D to 85 Shore D

PureCast Series

Two component castable polyurethane elastomer resin contains no TDI or MOCA. Insensitive to typical environmental moisture and low shrinkage it provides the strength and durability of a heat cured urethane in a simple RTV system. It provides the ability to cast high strength, flexible parts in a urethane or silicone mold. Used in core box liners, metal forming pads, industrial parts, and abrasion resistant pads bumpers, wear seals, industrial blades, and concrete stamp dies. Pure Cast products are also, an abrasive resistant coating for ropes, buoys, netting, marine and industrial projects.


Semi flexible polymer casting resin used in visual displays. This resin has medium durability for working parts. Finished product is lightweight, prefect for panels and wall displays simulated stone or fossilized appearance. Due to the high impact resistance it has been used on the strike face of golf clubs. Several versions of Speedset are currently used, to encapsulate electrical components.

A low viscosity, rapid setting casting urethane resin used to achieve high strength and durometer. The rapid cure allows for quick de-mold times. Speedset is easy to use requiring only hand mixing and applying. This very quick setting product is available in various working and de-molding times. Hardness range from 35 Shore D to 70 Shore D.

TrueCast Series

TrueCast is a flexible casting compound for concrete and masonry building concepts. It works very well on irregular parts and is our most versatile product.

The TrueCast Series is a high density, impact resistant, flexible, molding or casting resin product. This compound absorbs vibrations, resistant to specific elements and chemicals. Great for rubber seals, bumpers, and rollers. Insensitive to typical environmental moisture, low viscosity, high strength and low durometer, low residual surface tack, tough, high tear strength, good oil and grease resistance, good flow into detail, dimensional stable, hardness range from Shore 00A to 85 Shore A.


Rigid Casting Resins

Our rigid casting urethanes offer a variety of densities, hardness and working life to fit your application (see chart on this page). Silicone rubber, aluminum, polyurethane or epoxy molds can be used for casting these products. A mold-releasing agent such as spray silicone or wax may be required to prevent bonding of these products to your molds. Our rigid castings urethanes are designed for easy hand mixing, no heating or cooking is required simply mix and pour into your mold.

ProtoCast 80R is our most popular low cost, low viscosity rigid casting resin. It provides a 3 to 5- minute working life and rapid 10 to 20-minute de-mold time. ProtoCast 80R rapidly produces high detail prototypes or display parts. It also simulates the density and appearance of natural white animal bone and antler or used with black pigment produces the appearance of carved ebony wood. ProtoCast products provide very low viscosity and cure quickly to a hard, impact resistant part.  ProtoCast products are recommended in applications where a “injection thermoplastic feel” is desired or white color is required.


Semi-Rigid Casting Resins

PureCast-603PureCast™ is our strongest most abrasion resistant flexible casting product. PureCast™ provides the strength and durability of a heat-cured urethane in a simple to use RTV system. Recommended for casting industrial wiper blades, wheels, rollers and wear seals. PureCast™ provides you with the ability to cast high strength, flexible urethane parts in urethane or silicone molds. PureCast™ is available in five different hardness, mix ratios and cure times to best fit your manufacturing process. PureCast™ can be colored with our RV series pigments. We recommend using black or darker colors to prevent color change or applying a UV resistant coating. UV additives are available.


SpeedSet-401SpeedSet™ is a lower priced flexible casting polymer used for casting visual displays and medium durability working parts. It can be used for casting lightweight wall display panels to simulate a stone or fossilized appearance. Museums and amusement parks have used SpeedSet™ to create movable wall panels and backdrops for visual displays. Our customers have also used SpeedSet™ for encapsulating electrical components and in the manufacture of impact surfaces for golf clubs. SpeedSet™ is available in four different hardness, mix ratios and cure times to best fit your manufacturing process (see chart). SpeedSet™ can be colored with our RV series pigments to improve UV color stability. We recommend using black or darker colors to prevent color change (see TopCoat).