Every project has special requirements for the desired end result, whether it be a special color, finish, or surface. Industrial Polymers offers a complete line of pigments beginning with nineteen standard colors for our products, as well as another special line of RV pigment for our other urethanes. We offer colorants, dyes, tints, fluorescents, and phosphorescent to customizes your project or meet your specifications. We offer kevlor for added strength, and protection from impact, other special additives for non-slip and safety surfaces and fire retardants for additional properties.


Phosphorescent Polymer

This resin can be added to the Fiberlock and the TopCoat Series to achieve glow in the dark properties. The product is UV Stable, salt water resistant, protects against abrasion and has a good chemical resistance. The Phosphorescent polymers are charged by the sun and remain visible at night. Great for use in all marine applications; on rope markers, safety markers; in construction areas, street signs, any place where visibility with low lighting at night is necessary. When used with the Top Coat Series over soft foam it will add another dimension to projects. This versatile product is low maintenance, long lasting, and easy to apply.

Fluorescent Pigment

This resin can be added to the Fiberlock and the TopCoat Series to achieve high visibility in daylight hours. This product is UV Stable, chemical, and salt water resistant, while protecting against abrasion and weather conditions. This resin works on a variety of surfaces and numerous applications while enhancing the existing physical properties of the substrate. It is excellent as a safety marker on buoys, ropes, street signs and markers, construction areas, in any area where high visibility is necessary. When added to Fiberlock products it will extend the life and flexibility in heat and humidity. When added to the TopCoat Series it will enhance and protect existing coating while adding high visibility to the finished products.