10 foot tall Flying Dragon, hot wire cut from EPS foam and hard coated with StyroSpray® brush applied.

StyroSpray® 1000 is a simple to apply hard coating for carved foam shapes.  It is applied by paint brush, foam roller or spray applied with a low cost gravity feed hopper spray gun.  It provides a strong, lightweight uniformly smooth appearance, which can be coated with any type of solvent or water base paints. StyroSpray® creates a hard plastic shell over foam fabrication of signs, decorative themeing, paper mache construction and concrete molds. It seals hardens and waterproofs hot wire cut or carved foam shapes for indoor and outdoor installations. StyroSpray® is a 2 part polyurea coating which only cures when exposed to moisture in the atmosphere, it will not cure inside a spray gun or closed storage container for several days. Only after it is sprayed (or brush applied) onto your foam surface does it begin to rapidly cure. It becomes dry to touch in approximately one hour; you may apply successive coats every 2 to 3 hours. It is possible to achieve very high coating thickness with successive coating applications. StyroSpray® cures overnight and is ready for paint finishing the following day.  It provides the same durable hard coat finish as a fast set, high pressure, 2 component polyurea hard coating. StyroSpray® eliminates the need for expensive high pressure spraying equipment to apply hard coating to EPS foam shapes. StyroSpray® is 100% solids polyurea hard coating product; it contains no water or solvents to evaporate away. Most water and solvent base paints contain 30 to 40% water or solvent which is lost. The coverage of StyroSpray 1000 is nearly twice as much as other (water or solvent base) coatings you may be using.  It contains no solvents or VOCs which can damage the environment and is classified as nonhazardous for shipping purposes.  If you wish to receive a free demonstration sample of this product applied over EPS foam, please fill out our e-mail inquiry form to request a free StyroSpray information package.  See StyroSpray® Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets for complete product and safety information.

StyroSpray® was invented in 1999 by Industrial Polymers Corporation the first moisture cured polyurea hard coating for foam construction.

StyroSpray® is a patented product United States patent number 6,362,302.


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