Rigid Castings Resins

Our rigid casting urethanes offer a variety of densities, hardness and working life to fit your application (see chart on this page). Silicone rubber, aluminum, polyurethane or epoxy molds can be used for casting these products. A mold-releasing agent such as spray silicone or wax may be required to prevent bonding of these products to your molds. Our rigid castings urethanes are designed for easy hand mixing, no heating or cooking is required simply mix and pour into your mold.

ProtoCast 80R is our most popular low cost, low viscosity rigid casting resin. It provides a 3 to 5- minute working life and rapid 10 to 20-minute de-mold time. ProtoCast 80R rapidly produces high detail prototypes or display parts. It also simulates the density and appearance of natural white animal bone and antler or used with black pigment produces the appearance of carved ebony wood. ProtoCast products provide very low viscosity and cure quickly to a hard, impact resistant part.  ProtoCast products are recommended in applications where a “injection thermoplastic feel” is desired or white color is required.

GTS-850 is formulated for casting larger plastic parts where a longer working life is required. It provides a 10-15 minute working life, low exothermic heat and easy 1 to 1 mix ratio by volume. GTS-850 provides high hardness without brittleness and produces cured parts that have the look and feel of an injected thermoplastic.

PolyWood is a rapid set casting compound filled with silicate glass bead (microballoons). It offers, lightweight, good strength and low 0.53 density. PolyWood is easily machined, sanded or carved and resists heat to 140°F. It is excellent for casting rigid, non-absorbing, deep water floatation devices or syntactic foam parts. At great depths (high pressure) PolyWood maintains buoyancy, resists compression and water absorption

PolyStone is a rapid set ceramic filled urethane casting resin. When fully cured it provides high compressive strength and resists heat distortion. PolyStone has a low 0.75 cured density. It is a syntactic foam product utilizing ceramic fillers which make it buoyant and provides some insulation quality.

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