TRUEKOTE31Our Truekote products are used in a number of variations in many applications they have proven again and again to be one of our most versatile products and marine coating. It is resilient in wet environments and shows a good resistance to chemicals. All the while being extremely durable over flexible foams, synthetic nylon rope, composite line buoys, bumpers, and fenders.
**Our top chemist created this product over 30 years ago and it is still one of our most used coatings.

We have recently developed Phosphorescent and Florescent polymers, to be used with our easy to apply Fiberlock and Topcoats. Using Fiberlock and Topcoats will make any substrate or marine product UV stable, salt water resistant, abrasion resistant, low maintenance, and long lasting.

Phosphorescent polymers are naturally charged by the sunlight and remain visible at night, while Florescent polymers result in high daytime visibility. Both products are available in a variety of colors and perfect for marine environments.

These special polymers are excellent for marine markers, safety markers or buoys; any application where night time visibility is necessary or where daytime visibility is necessary. When used with our Topcoats over soft foams it will add another dimension of protection and UV stability to the project.