This product series is very versatile in that it will work with several of our other product lines. It is a two component aliphatic urethane coating offering resistance to corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, and impact and rated with the highest of commercially available coatings. This product can be applied by spraying with conventional airless or electrostatic applicators or maybe brushed on to achieve an excellent gloss and color retention for exterior surfaces. These coatings have been very successful over a urethane base coat in water parks, on aircraft, railroad cars, ships, storage tanks, metal bridges, piping, and structural steel, and on wood, concrete, and some plastics, including vinyl. The finish is
flexible with the use of plasticizers, so it is not subject to becoming brittle with age. The Topcoat CRX is specifically designed for environments requiring resistance to high acid and alkali conditions. TopCoat maybe used with the Phosphorescent Polymers or the Fluorescent Polymers.