EC-1000 is a two component urethane elastomer with an extremely long working time and is nonabsorbent in water. When fully cured, EC-1000 forms a rubber matrix that maintains flexibility even in cold conditions.

Application and Mix Ratio

Handling Properties

Component A does not require premixing. Component B typically must be premixed prior to combining for final mixing.

Proper mixing can be made using a spatula or Jiffy mixer and electric drill. Mixing of the liquid resin in the Component B should be done by carefully scraping the sides and bottom of the container to attain an even mixture. Components A and B should be used immediately to avoid separation or moisture contamination.

Preparation of Mold

Mold surfaces should be clean and free of dust and moisture. An even coat of silicone mold release (Release 2251) is applied taking care to avoid puddles or drips. Porous surfaces (plaster or wood) must be completely sealed using sand and sealer or Johnson’s Paste Wax


Working Properties

Mix Ratio By Weight

19.84 parts A/ 100 part B

Mix Ratio By Volume

16.42 parts A/ 100 parts B

Viscosity @ 72°F (A Side)

43 CPS

Viscosity @ 72°F (B Side)

1259 CPS

Viscosity @ 72°F (Mixed)

360 CPS


Part A:

Transparent Orange


Part B:




Light Orange

Working Life @ 72°F

4 ½ to 6 ½ hours

Full Cure @ 72°F

72 hours



Physical Properties

Specific Gravity (Part A)


Specific Gravity (Part B)


Specific Gravity (Mixed)


Weight/Gallon Part A

10.47 lbs.

Weight/Gallon Part B

8.67 lbs.

Weight/Gallon Mixed

8.92 lbs.

Cubic inch per lb. of product

25.90 in3

Hardness @ 72°F

 ASTM 2240-85

35-45 Shore A






< 0.025%


Clean Up

Dispose of all empty EC-1000 component containers in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Empty component containers can be rendered non-hazardous by rinsing the containers with a small amount of mixed material and allowing material to cure for 24 hours. The containers will then contain non-hazardous cured urethane.

Storage and Shelf Life

EC-1000 is shipped from the factory in sealed containers. The containers should be stored in a cool, dry area that is protected from direct sunlight and moisture. Storage temperatures should not exceed 80°F. The shelf life of the factory sealed containers stored under these conditions is six months. Containers that have been opened should be resealed immediately after material has been removed in order to prevent solvent evaporation.


Shipping Class: Class 55 Non-hazardous