Industrial Polymers offers "turn-key" custom formulations to meet the needs of qualified commercial customers in need of our specialty industrial polymers.

We have the ability to create custom prepolymers to compliment complete polymer systems in 100% solids or with solvent in aliphatic and aromatic options.

* On-Site Chemist and technical staff

* Custom Formulations: All types of polyurethane and polyurea products

* Unique Packaging: products can be packaged in all types of containers, ranging from 250 gallon totes to plastic cartridge for hand held applications

* Private Labeling: Custom labels with photos or graphic designs to individualize products for application or marketing needs for larger industrial companies

Product examples:

Coatings: waterproofing, abrasion resistance, corrosion control

Encapsulates: electrical potting or cable application requiring waterproofing.

Molding compounds: for parts or molded product.

Adhesives and or specialty primers to enhance adhesion

Hydrophilic and hydrophobic systems

Specialty Polymers built for unique applications

Flexible and rigid foams for molding or padding

Hardcoat or EPS Foams