Rigid Expanding Foams

We manufacture a rigid closed cell 3 pound density slow rise urethane molding foam. This foam can be mixed by hand or electric drill and rises slowly enough that it can be used for molding, casting or flotation. Our 3 pound density molding foam is formulated to be poured into molds or used for cast in place flotation.  It provides good impact resistance, durability and flotation properties in salt or fresh water applications. We recommend covering or painting this foam to protect from UV radiation deterioration.  Our foam is very chemical resistant you may paint it with water or solvent based paints or apply fiberglass resin directly over it.  Do not soak urethane foams in hydrocarbons like gasoline, diesel or hydraulic oils as these chemical compounds will soften and swell the foam.  Care should be taken when pouring expanding foams into closed cavities, expanding foams create extreme pressures.  When filling cavities with foam apply in small quantities and wait 10 to 15 minutes between pouring applications to avoid over pressurization of cavity.  You may use wax based release or Johnson’s furniture paste wax to prevent the foam from sticking to a surface or inside your mould.  The 3 pound molding foam is solvent free and Freon free classified as nonhazardous for shipping purposes.  Urethane foams will burn and should not be used in applications where they will be exposed to temperatures above 250F or an open flame.  Urethane foams of this type provide excellent insulation properties and are frequently used as insulation in freezer boxes and other hot or cold storage applications.  This foam resists long term water absorption better than beaded EPS foams. Our 3 pound density molding foam expands 24 times starting liquid volume to provide a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot of volume. It generates heat as it quickly expands and cures.  Customers frequently use this product for manufacturing prototype parts. See product video, Technical Bulletins and material safety information on this page for more complete product information.