Flexible Expanding Foams

We manufacture 4 types of expanding open cell flexible foams. Our foams are formulated to be hand mixed and poured into closed molds. Foams which are classified as “self skinning” or “integral skin foams” form a rubber like outer skin surface as they expand against the walls of a closed mold cavity.  The most common use for self skinning foam is in the manufacture of dash panels of automobiles or to cast soft characters for playground themeing.  For automotive dash panel applications heavier 8 to 12 pound density foams are more frequently used.  Our flexible expanding foams have good impact resistance and durability; we offer a selection of 12 color options (see color pigments and dyes product page on our web site).  We recommend using darker colors for applications which are exposed to direct sunlight.  Our Flexible Foam BA -100 forms a heavy high durability skin when compressed inside a closed mold cavity as it expands.  Our open cell flexible foams are not recommended for flotation applications as they will absorb water with long term submersion.  See our rigid expanding foams product page for closed cell flotation foam.  A mold release agent or wax must be used to prevent foams from sticking inside mold cavity, see video demonstration on this page for more information.

Hardness of  foam increases as foam density increases from 3 to 12 pounds per cubic foot:

Flexible Foam 300  (3 pound density per cubic foot of expanded volume)

Flexible Foam 600  (6 pound density per cubic foot of expanded volume)

Flexible Foam 800  (8 pound density per cubic foot of expanded volume)